Thanks to TM Galicia, T.B. Fruit Group is not just become closer to the end-consumer, but also created a new segment in the Ukraine market of juices – not from concentrate.
Galicia – the first Ukrainian juice of direct extraction for the production of which concentrates are not used.

Galicia juices are produced free from added water, sugar, preservatives, colorants and flavoring and that is why the period of such juice storage is only 12 months.
The direct extraction technology involves minimum processing: a freshly squeezed juice undergoes a carefully controlled thermal process (pasteurization) which gives physical conservation.
It allows the preservation of the maximum useful properties of apples and berries, real natural taste, aroma and color of the juices.

To produce Galicia juices the best berries and fruits are selected, grown on the fertile grounds of Galicia and Zakarpattya, the ecologically clean areas of Ukraine.

Today the direct extraction juices are a popular category in Europe and we believe that the Ukrainians deserve to have their own high-quality brand of natural NFC-juices too.

Another delicious novelty of TM Galicia is smoothie. For our smoothie we use only NFC juices and puree made with “cold extraction” technology (which means minimum thermal processing).

Such a lean technology allows us to retain maximum of useful and flavour properties which nature gives to fruit and berries.